Meet the Head Chef


Anthony Cumberbatch is the Head Chef at Bubbas Restaurant: a unique, pioneering restaurant set to revolutionise the way we experience Caribbean cuisine in the UK.

Anthony’s career has spanned 23 years, in which time he has worked under some of the UK’s best chefs, trained in Michelin-starred kitchens and cooked for the likes of George Clooney and Mick Jagger. From his early childhood, helping with his grandparents’ smallholding in Barbados, through to working with some of London’s top chefs in The Savoy, Ivy, Dell-Ugo, Quaglino’s, Simpson’s in the Strand, and Soho’s Opium Club, Anthony has honed his creative passion into an art form.



Named Best Caribbean Chef in the UK by the Caribbean Food Emporium in 2006 – title still held
Within three months of his residency at Caribbean Scene, Docklands
It was named Best Caribbean Restaurant in the UK, a title held for two years running.


BBC2 series, Caribbean Food Made Easy, with Levi Roots

Anthony was born in Dulwich but raised in Barbados from the age of one by his grandparents. During this time, Anthony helped his grandfather on the farm, growing fruits and vegetables, and rearing livestock, which they sold to the local community.

At home with his grandparents, they lived off the land. Everything they cooked was fresh and home-grown, including livestock. Anthony even has memories of a beloved pet duck mysteriously vanishing before reappearing on the dinner table – much to his dismay, (and granddad’s delight).

These formative years, helping his grandmother in the kitchen and grandfather on the land, are where his passion for food, flavour and colour began, and his desire to capture the wholesome, flavoursome and fulfilling aspects of Caribbean cuisine was born.

They fuelled his innate desire to cook, and so Anthony moved back to London in his teens to train as a chef in South London.

Anthony is inspired by colour and determined to redefine Caribbean and British cuisine. His mantra is “clean plates” – combining the flawless presentation and quality control he learned under Savoy maitre chef des cuisines, Anton Edelman, with the satisfaction of seeing every dish come back to his kitchen clear.

Anthony’s favourite dish on Bubbas’ menu is the drunken caramelized pork loin with ackee and saltfish served with a beetroot ravioli, dash of trout roe vinaigrette. To him, it embodies the “surf’n’turf” spirit of his childhood years, the vibrant colours and unique combinations break down preconceptions about cuisine across the continents.